Someone tried to steal my skateboard today



I got out of work early, I will post about that later, and took the 3:30 train home.

When I got to my stop my board was missing from the overhead rack. I went to the conductor and asked if he saw anyone get off the train with a blue skateboard.

We both went to look for it and came upon a mother and her son in the doorway waiting to get off with my skateboard.

The conductor and I got it back and I got off the train with the woman.

I asked her if she thought it was her’s. Why did you take it?

She said it was sitting there when she got in at Union Station and no one took it so she was going to give it to g the conductor…

I said yeah I put it there when I got on at Union Station and was sitting right under it.

What bullshit.
The car was not empty and she went the opposite was of the conductor to get off.

If it’s not cops hassling me it’s middle aged mom’s trying to rip me off?!

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