Good Friday




Good Friday, three day weekend. Planned on having a babysitter this morning and going out with Pam to buy Lily a two wheeler with training wheels. After her map we were going to ride bikes to grandma’s and have pizza and play games with Olivia. Lily would ride on the back of my bike no ride her own bike…

However, Lily is sick so no babysitter. No babysitter to secret shopping trip with Pam. Also there will be no bike ride, pizza, out games at grandma’s tonight.

Right now Lily is napping.
Pam is home in her pajamas saying how tired she is…

Spring is too short to be wasted so I took off for some coffee… 10 miles from home….

I will pedal bad when I finish. A nice little 20 mile ride (leisurely cruise) on a sunny day.

Hope Lily is feeling better for Easter.

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